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InfoCore Inc., founded in 2006, headquartered in Hangzhou with subsidiaries and branch offices in almost all major cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, etc. Also InfoCore establishes a long-term R & D cooperation with companies such as Intel, Microsoft, IBM, VMware, Qlogic and professional institutes such as FCIA, STA, SNIA.

InfoCore has its own complete independent intellectual property rights of Storage Virtualization and Data Security and Protection. Based on that, all InfoCore's products are developed by itself. These products are widely adopted by data center of government, military industry, public security, health care, finance, education, energy and resource, etc.

In the field of data protection, InfoCore's products and technology are both far ahead of other China's domestic companies. In the field of storage virtualization, InfoCore is in the top 3, while in China it is the number one. Also InfoCore occupies the largest China's domestic market share of CDP. InfoCore's cooperators——IBM, DELL, etc., have already tested the products and recommended these as complete solutions for long time. Besides, in 2014, InfoCore is awarded as Gartner Cool Vendor.

As China's domestic leading storage virtualization and data protection high-tech company, InfoCore has already been honored with Certificate of National New and High Technology Enterprises, CMMI, and ISO9001. Our R & D center has undertaken some scientific research projects of national, provincial, municipal level, including 3 projects from Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 project from “Key Projects in the National Science and Technology Pillar Program during The Twelfth Five-Years Plan Period” and 1 project from People’s Liberation Army General Armaments Department.

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Company Footprint

  • 2016

    "OSNSolution V6.2" launched with breakthrough function of Metro A/A data centers
    "Streamer V6.2" launched with serious upgrade to support virtual environment and remote disaster tolerance
    New designed and hardware updated "Tigler SC8230 Storage Gateway" launched

  • 2015

    "Streamer V6.0" launched with optimized configuration and updated interface
    "Streamer V6.1" launched with better compatibility
    Nextor SS Series - - - " Nextor SS6300 " , " Nextor SS6600 " , " Nextor SS6800 " launched to satisfy multi-level requirement

  • 2014

    "OSNSolution V6.0" launched with new interface and more fluent operation

  • 2013

    “Streamer V5.0” launched
    “OSNSolution V5.1” launched with better compatibility
    “ Tigler SC8220 Storage Gateway” launched with hardware updated and better performance
    “ Nextor CS1004”、“Nextor CS2012” launched with performance upgraded

  • 2012

    “OSNSolution V5.0” launched with underlying architecture upgraded

  • 2011

    OSNSolution V4.2” launched
    “ Tigler SC8200 Storage Gateway” launched
    “Nextor CS1004”、“Nextor CS2012”launched
    “Nextor SS2012”、“Nextor SS4024”launched

  • 2009

    Fully updated "OSNSolution V4.1" launched
    Multi-level data protection -"CDPServer" launched

  • 2007

    "Multi-point data and system protection V3.0" launched

  • 2006

    InfoCore's first product -"IP network storage service V3.0" launched

  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
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  • 2006

Company Honor

  • “十一五”最佳貢獻企業

  • 2009年度存儲創新企業

  • 2009年度浙江創新軟件榮譽證書

  • Gartner最酷供應商

  • 省級高新技術企業研究開發中心

  • 省級高新技術企業研究開發中心

  • VMware官網認證

  • 2008年度創新

  • 2014年度優秀工作單位

  • 科技進步三等獎

  • 3C證書

  • ISO2017

  • 高新企業

  • 杭州CMMI證書

  • 省級高新技術企業研究開發中心 證書

  • 存儲網關VM認證

  • ISCCC公司名稱變更后證書(中文版)

  • 軟企正本

  • 軟企副本

  • 存儲介質處理方法及系統

  • 存儲系統及多路徑管理方法

  • 塊級分布式存儲系統及其數據讀寫方法

  • 一種存儲空間接管和數據遷移的方法和系統

  • 一種實現數據備份和恢復的方法及系統

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